Our main target is to design automated measurement systems for food quality and safety that can analyze and present results of the samples reliable and cost efficiently.

The biggest challenge for our electronic and mechanical engineers to design the architecture of the instruments, the functionality and the connections of each hardware elements based on the biotechnological, chemical, or physical methodology found by our researchers. They must take into account that the operation of the instrument should be guaranteed in the long term even if it operates in extreme conditions (humidity, temperature, mechanical influences).

Our simulation engineers carry out numerous analyzes from the early stages of design to develop a final solution where problems caused by fatigue, overheating, static or dynamic stress are eliminated.

The task of our software developers is to create an application that coordinates the function of each piece of hardware, processes the received signals, evaluates and stored them using sophisticated but effective algorithms. We also share the results on demand with our cloud service, where our clients can further analyze data and receive forecasts of device maintenance needs. The results are always displayed on the instrument as well. Intuitive interfaces allow users to retrieve and recent or historical data stored on the device at any time, and to change machine settings in a few steps. It is a particular challenge for us to use platform-independent solutions (C ++, .NET Core, Angular) and always incorporate the latest, most reliable technology into the devices.

This ensures that our customers are always provided with safe, high-quality solutions, of which we are proud. However, we do not stop for a moment, we are always working on new ideas and challenges.

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