An assay is an analytic procedure with the goal to determine the presence, functionality or the amount of certain analyte(s). An assay can be qualitative, semi-quantitative or quantitative based on the required information. The main aspects of an assay procedure’s involve sample processing, target identification, signal formation (amplification/ noise reduction), signal detection and interpretation of the results.

At Soft Flow Ltd., the Assay Team is responsible for several tasks during a development process on different platforms, applying also innovative technologies acquired through our New Technology team. Once the core principles of an assay have been established, our team continues the optimization to meet the pre-determined specifications. We evaluate sample-handling procedures, measurement platforms, different assay formats and conditions to find the optimal assay performance. Throughout this thorough process, the Assay Team works closely with the Biology and Chemistry Teams, which provide the necessary reagents along the whole development cycle. At later stages of the development, the Assay Team selects the final format, characterizes the future kit components, performs stability studies and validates the assay. The last step is the handover of the finalized assay – together with the associated protocols - to the Production Teams.

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