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Soft Flow was founded in the USA in 1988 and moved to Hungary in 1992. Soft Flow is a leading biotechnology company in the fields of flow cytometry, molecular biology and developing analytical solutions for food/feed safety, with almost 30 years of experience in R&D and cooperation with the market leaders in biotechnology and in food analytics. Soft Flow has grown into an internationally recognized R&D Excellence Center which employs over 70 highly qualified people. The company operates in Pécs, Hungary.

In 2016, Soft Flow was acquired by FOSS Analytical, a Danish company known throughout the world for innovative analytical solutions that help to improve food quality and safety in the global food market.

Our mission is to provide analytics beyond measure to add value to our customers and thereby contribute to a more sustainable use of the world's food resources.

Soft Flow is part of the FOSS Group

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Soft Flow Ltd.
91/B, Pellérdi út
H-7634, Pécs

Phone: +36 72 891-888
Email: info@softflow.com